Attack is the best defence

Every break in a routine means stress. The two following options are available: One is to practice emergency plans. They define, for example, how to react to certain incidents: You are familiar with this from the obligatory fire drill or the first aid course. The second option is the possibility of identifying security gaps so that they do not even arise in normal operation.

 - 05/2018

The GDPR and what you should have done by 25/5/2018

From 25 May 2018, it’s getting serious. The EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, takes effect. In view of the approaching date, for many companies it is becoming clear that they still have room for improvement in the area of data protection. Possibly quite a bit of room …

 - 04/2018

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a check of your IT for IT security gaps and weak points. Here the system is checked very practically, mainly, on a technical level from the perspective of an attacker. The theory only plays a subordinate role.

 - 03/2018

IT security: More than a good feeling

External attacks are no longer a horror vision. They happen. Every day. Many automatically and without a conscious goal, but behind some attacks there are concrete interests.

 - 01/2018

We are part of the European “Digital Skills and Job Coalition”

We are part of the European “Digital Skills and Job Coalition” and are committed to training specialists and equipping them with high-quality digital skills. This places us in the list of European SMEs participating in the campaign #digitalSME4skills of the European Digital SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME).

 - 12/2017

Replication vs. HA?

If truth be told: Encryption Trojans are currently the topic that causes IT departments beads of sweat. Because if the data is encrypted, no HA cluster will be of use. In terms of disaster recovery and resilience, Zerto offers a solution that is ready for the future.

 - 09/2017

VDI in a Flightcase

Experience with our “VDI in a Flightcase” box in real time how easy virtual desktops can be in daily use, how many security problems are actually no longer present and how login times can improve exponentially.

 - 09/2017

Passwords – cryptic strings

Do you know about these posters for occupational safety? Wash your hands here, wear a helmet, don’t smoke there? Do you notice these? Exactly!

The well-intentioned advices to not only change passwords at certain intervals, but also to create challenging ones, go unheard and unheeded.

 - 09/2017

How much performance do I need for a VDI environment?

For administrators, this is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to implementing a VDI environment: What kind of servers do we need? What about graphics acceleration? How many IOPs are required? Which ThinClients are the right ones? And most important: Where can I get the right answers?

 - 08/2016

New partnership: Stormshield

We have not been using US products for some time now, especially for firewalls (for known reasons), but instead have been looking for manufacturers where no NSA backdoors or similar unpleasant surprises can be found.

 - 06/2016

5 tips to keep the costs of VDI as low as possible

New licensing opportunities and technical improvements can dramatically reduce the cost of deploying virtual desktops. Regardless of whether you want to change an existing VDI implementation, plan a productive environment or do your first rollout, here are some lesser known tips that really help you save money.

 - 08/2015


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