Our work consists of more than bits, bytes and IT. What we do should be meaningful — for our customers, for us, for society.

Respectful treatment.

It is, of course, important for us as a company to generate sales. Our young and committed crew is happy to help. However, we are convinced that performance is only possible if every crew member is paid fairly and treated with respect. As a company offering apprenticeships, we want to contribute to creating a positive job profile and to inspiring young people for it. IT is a complex, economically and socially relevant topic that extends far into the future. In our view, one building block for this future is to treat customers, employees and partners with respect, because they create reliability and trust.

Listening first.

At the beginning of every customer relationship, every order, comes listening. We would like to get to know you and learn about your wishes and understand both. In this way, misunderstandings, incorrect planning and thus loss of time can be avoided. We are certain that transparency and understanding are invaluable in every respect. Only this way are processes are open to results and flexible, and thus solution strategies and solutions can be found together. Anyone can offer ready-made offers. When we work out a solution together with you that suits you and your company, we call it an honest consulting service.

Acting as entrepreneurs.

With every concept and every solution that we develop for a customer, we ask ourselves one question: Would we use it that way ourselves? If the answer is positive, we will present it to you: down-to-earth and clearly structured. We do not sell pipe dreams, nor imaginative goals. We are also not interested in whether our partners are currently offering special last-minute bargains. What we are presenting to you is an individually custom-made, creatively developed, strategically oriented, economically sensible and, above all, sustainable solution to the previously defined challenge.

Providing a sense of purpose.

Our actions must make sense — for you and ourselves. Our employees should act sensibly in order to be able to create something useful for others. This includes consciously using resources and already thinking today about tomorrow. Anyone who takes off must know how and where they want to land. It is important to us that every employee perceive their work as significant and see it as a contribution to the big picture. Useful and sustainable solutions benefit everyone.

Being committed.

Performance is important and our motivation. But we are realistic. Nobody can do more than 100%, but one can always do one’s best. We will always call up our best performance for customers and colleagues. No more and no less. That is our promise.

Acting sustainably.

This does not only mean that our servers in the data centres are operated to 100% with electricity from renewable energy sources and that we try to produce as little waste as possible in our company. But also that the solutions you get from us are always intended to be as long term and sustainable as possible: Appliances with long runtimes, hardware with the longest possible maintenance on the part of the manufacturers.