St.-Lioba-Schule cooperates with local IT security specialists

BAD NAUHEIM. Glasses, beards and pale: This is how IT professionals are often caricatured. But this will no longer work in the future if Ute Schremser and Gordon Kirstein have their way. Together, the teacher and the entrepreneur from Bad Nauheim will implement a nationwide unique school project. The name: IT security girls. After the summer vacation, the St. Lioba School offers a voluntary work group for IT security. “The unique thing about this working group is that only girls are allowed to participate,” says Ute Schremser with a smile. The aim is to give them access to this field, which is more dominated by young people, and thus the freedom to get to know it without competition. "We are sure that many girls are interested in it, but don't trust themselves or are not trusted to do it," explains Gordon Kirstein. The entrepreneur and IT expert had the idea for this working group and found the right supporter in Ute Schremser. Ten thousand experts are missing in Germany alone “The industry is desperately looking for experts to look after its technical infrastructure. Across Europe, an estimated one million vacancies are likely to be vacant by the end of the year, ”says Kirstein. As a member of an EU forum on digitization and an IT entrepreneur, he knows the problem both theoretically and practically: "Applications from girls for a training position or for an internship are the absolute exception". IT security is not even a typical male profession on paper. "Very different skills, knowledge and creativity are required here." The school working group, which is aimed at pupils in the seventh to tenth grade, primarily wants to educate and arouse interest. Gordon Kirstein: “Viruses and worms, Trojans and phishing attacks: Anyone who is online will inevitably come into contact with the unsightly and dubious pages of the Internet at some point. That is normal. ”It is important to recognize the dangers and to minimize or even eliminate them. "This is also a form of IT security," he explains: "It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with IT or programming, but with technology, logic and a little feeling for the tools that are available to you." Other high schools are already showing interest The IT specialist not only convinced Ute Schremser with his idea, but also her boss. Headmaster Bernhard Marohn recognized the opportunities of the project immediately and set the course so that the group can start after the holidays. This makes the St. Lioba School the first school in Germany that wants to get girls interested in IT security. Others may follow suit in the coming year. Initiator Kirstein: "There are already inquiries from high schools, including those in Bonn and Hamburg, who are interested in implementing this project in a similar way and have asked for our support." The EU has also become aware of the working group. In a one-hour video conference, Ute Schremser and Gordon Kirstein were able to present the concept of the working group to the members of a working group on the future of IT. You can find more informationen here.