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Do you want more than one 0/1000/1111 job?

An apprenticeship or a dual study in the IT area is the key that opens many doors to a personally successful future. And it's fun:

  • You can work with exciting IT technology all day long.
  • You enjoy your work and get to know interesting technologies.
  • You work in a young, interactive team on challenging projects.
  • You have the chance to realise your career ideas and yourself.
  • With us, no printers need to be maintained, computers vacuumed, coffee prepared or similarly stupid work carried out — you learn a lot from day one!

And one thing stands above everything: The IT industry has a future. In Germany alone, there was a shortfall of more than 150,000 IT specialists at the end of 2023.

IT specialists are sought for IT security — not only in Germany, but also in Europe and worldwide. This is one of the reasons why we have so far offered all of our apprentices permanent positions, to continue to work successfully with us and to take over an increasing number of responsibilities.

movetech is a growing IT security company between Frankfurt and Gießen with many international and German customers. 

Do you have very good computer skills, and are you reliable, independent and diligent, hardworking and ambitious?

Then find out on our website whether you are a good fit for us and us for you. We look forward to receiving your application!


For the winter semester 2024 we offer:

Dual course in computer science (B. Sc.) - focus on IT security (f/m/div)

You can expect a dual computer science course with the KITS (Kooperativer Studiengang IT-Sicherheit - Cooperative IT security course) at the TU Darmstadt. There you will learn technical content, methods and concepts from the field of IT security. The range of topics include: Encryption, data backup, network security.

Does it sound unsexy?

This is exactly why you get to know the most exciting practical applications in our company: Be it in our Pentest or IT security team.

The study content includes:

  • Fundamentals of discrete mathematics and linear algebra
  • Programming, algorithms and data structures
  • Software engineering, user-centered software development, object-oriented analysis and design
  • Computer architectures, networks, operating systems
  • IT security, IT law, data protection, cryptology and software security

The standard period of study takes 7 semesters. In the third, fifth and seventh semester you will each receive a practical project from us.

What are we expecting?

  • Very good computer skills
  • Driver's licence
  • Friendly and confident manner
  • Reliability & resilience
  • Very good German and English skills

What do we offer?

  • You will receive an annually staggered, monthly study grant (currently up to € 1,050 gross) - without repayment obligation
  • We take care of the semester fees
  • Paid annual leave
  • Alternating blocks of lectures at the university and exciting practical content that we impart to you.

For 01.08.2024 we are looking for:

Professional Trainee as IT specialist (Digital Networking)

Scope of responsibility: IT indoor and field services for business customers. Together with your experienced colleagues, you install and configure PCs, servers, networks, printers and firewalls. We place a very large emphasis on the area of IT security. We encourage independent work, so, after an introduction period, you can also take on your own orders if you dare to do so.

Requirements IT specialist (Digital Networking):

Very good computer skills, driver's licence, friendly and confident appearance, reliability, resilience, manual skills.  As we serve customers all over Europe, good knowledge of English and other foreign languages is an advantage.

What we offer:

  • Right from the start of your training, you have the opportunity to receive a bonus on your training remuneration for good performance. In some months, our top-performing trainees can more than double their training remuneration.
  • To date, we have offered all trainees permanent positions after successfully completing their training.
  • We keep an advanced training account for each trainee, to which the training company regularly transfers money. This finances further training at supplier and manufacturer sites. A regular English language course is also offered.
  • We provide you with the necessary equipment if you need it for your daily work. In addition to a separate working area, this also includes a company cell phone, notebook/PC and other relevant tools.

For 01.08.2024 we are looking for:

1 year or half-year intern (technical collegee) Requirements: Computer skills, reliability, resilience. A driver's licence would be an advantage, but is not absolutely necessary. If the performance is good, there is the possibility to start an apprenticeship with us immediately after the internship. With a good performance, we also pay a monthly salary with a performance bonus

Frequently asked questions:

Please only send the application by email to Please collect all application documents (cover letter, curriculum vitae and certificates) in one multi-page PDF file.  
If this is a seemingly unsolvable problem, the applicant should ask him-/herself, whether an IT profession (in which unknown problems and challenges that need to be solved will always crop up) is the best choice.
So: Address the problem, solve it creatively and send one PDF file.
You can find basic information about movetech on this website at “About us”.

When we receive your application, you will immediately receive an acknowledgment of receipt. The processing can take a while; sometimes a few weeks. However, you will definitely receive an answer from us by email (cancellation or invitation to an interview), so please do not call and ask beforehand.

We are based at Auguste-Viktoria-Strasse 3 in Bad Nauheim. The accompanying lessons generally take place at the vocational schools in Bad Nauheim (vocational schools at the graduation house) and Friedberg (Johann-Philipp-Reis school). In the dual study programme, you have to attend lectures, seminars, etc. at the TU Darmstadt.

  • With us, IT specialists specialising in system integration are trained as all-rounders in the areas of computer and server systems, networks, printers and telephone systems. The focus for us is less on the technical and manual area (we do not build computers or assemble servers), but rather in the area of operating systems and applications. The main thing here is to install systems at customers’ premises and then to maintain them. 
  • IT specialists specialising in application development are (jointly) responsible for the individual programming and further development of application programs. For example, individual internet shops are programmed or databases are developed. For a successful apprenticeship, you should master at least one, better two programming languages. 
  • IT system traders develop technical and commercial content such as concepts for complete IT systems. Thereby  and accompany such projects from the offer to the completion. They also takes care of ongoing customer support and regularly offer the latest technologies to customers.

You can read a detailed description above of what these apprenticeships look like at movetech.

So far, we have offered all of our trainees and students with whom we were satisfied a permanent position.

The two responsible vocational schools for the IT professions in our region are located in Bad Nauheim and Friedberg. In all three years of apprenticeship, you will be there 1.5 days a week (as of 2019).

The individual training occupations have different requirements, which we clearly describe in the vacancies.

Basically, you should be reliable and resilient, have good to very good computer skills, very good manners and a friendly, confident manner (on the phone too). You should enjoy dealing with customers and colleagues.

The application should display your level of knowledge in the IT area: Have you already built your own PCs or networks, attended special working groups at school or completed internships in this area? Do you know about firewalls or Linux? Then clearly state this in your application — we pay particular attention to this.

You may have to go to a customer or data centre on your own quite early. If you are already 18 years old, a valid car driver's licence is a prerequisite for us. And even if we don't screw anything together: A certain level of craftsmanship is helpful.

We expect at least a good secondary school diploma; We are also happy to hire high school graduates or university dropouts. You should have achieved good to very good results in the subjects of mathematics, German, English and computer science. Only few days of absence are in your favour. Good grades in the areas of work and social behaviour are also an advantage. For the dual study course, a technical school-leaving certificate or a full high school diploma is necessary. It is particularly important to us that you can work independently and autonomously after an induction phase.

By the way, we believe that there are definitely not enough female administrators: So, we look forward to every application!

You apply by email (see above).

Since we receive around 20–30 applications per vacancy, it can take several weeks to process your documents. If your application meets our requirements, we will invite you to an interview with an admission test. If this is successfully completed, you can demonstrate your skills in a one- or two-week internship. Thus, you get to know us and we get to know you. If your performance in these two weeks lives up to our expectations, we will give you an apprenticeship contract for signature.

Please understand that we will not answer questions about the status of the application due to the large number of applicants.

movetech has quite a young team. The average age is around the end of the 20s. The tone is generally rather relaxed. As we have been offering apprenticeships since 2007, we always have one or more apprentices or students. A good working atmosphere and good cooperation are very important to us. We take special care to ensure that there is no bullying within the team.

Innovation and participation are very important to movetech. Important topics are regularly presented in a weekly meeting. The entire team makes democratic decisions on many topics.

Our customers are spread all over the world, so we are open to other cultures and people. To put it plainly: Anyone who finds it problematic to work with people of different origins or skin colour definitely does not belong here!


We provide you with the necessary equipment you need for your daily work. Depending on the training position, this includes a notebook or PC and a company mobile phone in addition to your own work place.

We keep an advanced training account for each employee, to which the training company regularly transfers money. This finances further training at supplier and manufacturer sites. At the end of the apprenticeship you should have at least one certification from a “large” partner (e.g. Citrix, Microsoft, VMware).  

Convince us in your application via email that you have exceptionally good specialist knowledge in the IT area. Show us what experience you have already gained (e.g. solved IT problems, self-made computers, self-programmed solutions). Make it clear to us that you are diligent and determined. We will not hire applicants who look bored or who give the impression that they want to be “taken by the hand for 3 years”.

Anyone who cannot inspire us within 5 minutes will not inspire any clients in the same time — and will therefore not be hired.

We at movetech do not understand the apprenticeship or studies as “another 3 years of school with practical application”, but rather as a direct start into professional life. If you show us that you are ambitious and already have professional goals that you want to achieve within the next few years, then this increases your chances of doing an apprenticeship or studying with us.

You should be very independent and circumspect. Please do not expect your training supervisors to tell you every step on the way — think along! This also includes “seeing” work. Is something lying around? Put it away! A colleague is carrying something heavy? Help him! A workflow could be optimised? Say so!