Find out who makes you take off:


Director; has seen all the airports in the world from the inside, sat on all airplanes and only drinks his tomato juice with a pinch of salt and a hint of Indian mountain pepper.

Flight control outbound; has safely guided every type of aircraft in the world to the runway and has never let a slot pass unused. He prefers to drink his tomato juice pure over the Atlantic.


Flight control inbound; he has safely landed even the largest, heavy planes in stormy gusts. He prefers thickened and strongly seasoned tomato juice on a Pizza Quattro Stagioni.

Flight control operator; has already safely guided the Boeing 747 to its destination and is now looking forward to the first Antonov. Tomato juice is not poured into his glass: He prefers to drink it straight from the bottle.


Airport operations; ensures the smooth functioning and cooperation behind and in front of the scenes of the airport. After work, for him, tomato juice is mostly the basis for a Bloody Mary.

Flight control trainee; has all the airport codes in mind and flight times across the Pacific. Tomato juice is perfect for him when served in a glass in the port of Heraklion.


Administration; is able to recite all IATA airport codes alphabetically blindfolded and can effortlessly convert them to ICAO codes when needed. Her tomato juice with roughly crushed rock salt should best be served ice cold.

Flight control trainee; soon detects errors in the system before they are detected by the system and prevents delays or cancellations. In his self-pressed tomato juice from Italian Grappoli Corbarino, belongs pepper — chopped, of course.


Airport Financial Operations; knows all fees from the inside out and always has more gross than net in her wallet. She only takes tomato juice if the destination is the right one and the flight time is longer than two hours.

Flight control trainee; gaining experience like other people collect bonus miles and should soon reach gold status. He drank his first tomato juice in an Embraer EMB 120, and plans to enjoy the next in an Airbus A320.

Patrick Petersen

Airport Communications; has read the names of all airlines and even typed in Аэрофлот correctly. He always has to share his tomato juice with his son or hand it over entirely.