Let a friend break in before a stranger does.


A penetration test is a check of your IT environment for security gaps and weak points. Ultimately, it is nothing else than an attempt to break into your IT system using all technical means from an attacker's perspective. Depending on the requirements, it has different characteristics, focal points and test depths. For example, a single application within a network or also the entire network can be the target.



You get an honest picture of the actual protection level of your IT infrastructure. We will show you the existing weak points and the resulting “construction sites” without whitewashing, the influence of third parties or any security documents.



All of our penetration tests are carried out by former hackers. We offer you a wide range of techniques, methods and realistic scenarios. Our IT security experts use current and actually existing attack methods. Transparency is very important to us: After completing the test, we will explain in detail how we proceeded and which techniques and methods were used.



We make the penetration test tangible. We show you the current state of your IT environment and its protection in an understandable and comprehensible manner. In addition, we will provide you with possible solutions so that you can resolve the found problems quickly and sustainably. Our penetration testers are trained, qualified and certified. They are continuously instructed in the area of data protection and are therefore experienced in handling confidential data. The continuous development of our skills and attack scenarios in our laboratory, regular training and cooperation with a broad IT security community enable us to test your company for the latest security gaps and vulnerabilities.