As an IT service provider, we collaborate with several other companies. These collaborations are sometimes close, sometimes closer, but always characterised by trust in the work of the other. We are therefore pleased that this trust is not a one-way street: Surprisingly for us, we were honoured as one of just three Channel Champions in Germany at this year's ESET DACH conference. We are so happy!

When we were named Channel Champion for the West sales region, it was particularly emphasized that we are “one of the most reliable Lead partners“ for ESET: That means nothing other than that we apparently explain clearly and introduce new and interested customers to the product variety and its sensible application possibilities.

You can find pictures of the ESET event here.

movetech - as ESET partner of the year? This fills us with joy and naturally arouses our ambition to keep this role!

Yours sincerely, Christopher Kirstein