IT security

Conquer the Mountain of IT Security

If as an entrepreneur you want to actively shape digitisation, you should strategically approach IT and cyber security. This makes it clear: IT security is a top priority. But the topic is often put off…

Cooperation in Vietnam as an option

The Bad Nauheim IT specialists are part of an economic delegation from the Chamber of Foreign Trade and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

IT security for Europe from Bad Nauheim

When the European Parliament presents laws on information technology (IT) security to vote on in a few months, there is a bit of Bad Nauheim in it: Because Steffen Maurer, the IT security chief of…

Classifying hackers and hacker attacks

There is no such thing as a typical hacker. It is neither the fat guy in the grubby hooded sweater with horn-rimmed glasses and full beard, nor the slim, sporty black-haired girl with the earrings…

ESET Channel Champion 2018

We are so happy! As an IT service provider, we collaborate with several other companies. These collaborations are sometimes close, sometimes closer, but always characterised by trust in the work of the other. We are…


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