Our expertise is increasingly valued in Europe. After we were invited to present our ideas and comments on IT security in Brussels for the first time in early summer, we have now been invited again. As a member of Digital SME, an association of medium-sized IT companies, we had the opportunity to talk to parliamentarians at the roundtable in mid-September about the importance of IT security from a very practical perspective. We were able to draw on our experience from various—and always agreed—hacker attacks on companies and institutions in order to make the topic clear and understandable. Many Members of Parliament are like most users: If you switch to the technical language and use terms such as “patch”, “switch”, “access point”, “jammer” or abbreviations such as TCP/IP and ASCII, for them it is difficult or even impossible to understand. IT security is an extremely complex topic because different components have to work together to make it work. It's not just about software or hardware, it's about a sensible combination. There are no simple solutions. We at movetech are pleased that we can contribute to raising awareness in this network among those responsible. The future will show which conclusions can be drawn from this and which political regulations will be based on them. But the process that is accompanied by Digital SME is a good sign that the focus is on factual issues. After all, the association represents more than 20,000 IT companies from the EU and some neighbouring countries. Yours sincerely Gordon Kirstein