We are part of the European "Digital Skills and Job Coalition" and are committed to training specialists and equipping them with high-quality digital skills. This places us in the long list of European SMEs participating in the campaign #digitalSME4skills of the European Digital SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME).

“Digital SMEs play a fundamental role in the transfer of digital technologies to industry and are therefore key figures and the driving force of European digitisation. They bring the essential digital expertise with them to train Europe's new digital specialists. movetech is one of these digital enablers and it is an honour for me to welcome them as a participant of #digitalSME4skills” says Dr. Oliver Grün, President of DIGITAL SME.

And we are proud to join this Europe-wide campaign. We are delighted to be one of the participants and to contribute to the total number of 5,000 young professionals that the initiative will train by 2019.

The #digitalSME4skills campaign, which was initiated by DIGITAL SME in 2017, is aimed primarily at students and young employees who want to become IT specialists. They should be given the opportunity to acquire digital skills directly in IT companies themselves with the help of apprenticeships, trainee positions and internships in 28 EU member states.

The campaign is part of a series of initiatives by the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. This coalition is made up of representatives of the EU member states, companies, social partners, NGOs and education providers and aims to combat the shortage of IT specialists in Europe.